I am Jessica Williams.

My intuitive gifts were something that I have always had. My ability to work with various divination tools started at a very young age when my grandmother taught me how to read tea leaves. From there I have branched out into Tarot, channelling, dowsing, and scrying.
I am currently a graduate student at Memorial Universtiy where I am studying the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and their impact on the Tarot, as well as New Age religions today. I read love to read Tarot and enjoy helping people empower themselves.
My gifts along with my life coaching skills have allowed me to grow and develop my Psychic Advising business to help people move forward with their life path and decisions.
Most of the time people get to a crossroads and don’t know what direction to turn. That is where I can help.

A note from my mentor:

Hey everyone,

Kjarlune Rae here Canada's top Clairvoyant. Over a decade ago I was lucky enough to be chosen by Jessica to help her develop her intuitive abilities. She has been a student of mine, and I am proud to say a teacher of mine for some time.
Her art of tarot is incredible. Her ability to get straight to the struggle and find the solution is something I am proud to say I could never have taught her.
Through my program, she is a certified tarot reader, remit viewer and channeller. I would without hesitation request Jessica to teach any of my classes and have on more than one occasion sent clients of mine to see her as well as had readings myself done by her. Her ability to read tea leaves was so strong she created a course for my students.
I am proud that she chose me as her teacher but can honestly say I didn't need to do much. Going to Jessica is a great choice. One I personally recommend.

Thanks Jess for choosing me to help you and know I am always proud of you!

Love and light KJ

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